Ode to Whitley

As some of you know, my studies were a blend of business, computer science, marketing, and economics. I am one of those rare cases where what I did my degree work in actually applies to my career from day to day. Most of my daily work is working with Auctioneers who want to market themselves and/or their auctions. With the rise of social media in recent years, it has been somewhat of a struggle to get them acclimated to the new marketing opportunities presented by social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Struggle? Not this guy! Look carefully at this screenshot from his company’s fan page:

Looks like a stick!?So let’s analyze this for just a minute.

  1. It has a call to action, the challenge (“What is this?”)
  2. You have to be a fan to see the full size image and win the prize (“Building the tribe”)
  3. The person who wins gets…. a BRANDED hat to wear and advertise RMEB (“Branding 101”)

Well done, Mr. Whitley. Interaction via Facebook at its finest. Everyone should do two things:

First: Click here and “Like” Mr. Whitley’s company fan page.

Second: Click here and “Like” Mr. Rasmus’ company fan page.

Why the second one? You’ll find out soon! Stay tuned.