My name is Stuart Bain. I was born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia. I served in the United States Marine Corps after high school and studied computer science and business at Virginia Tech and American Sentinel University. My wife Sarah and I now live in Salem, Virginia and have three children. I work for Red Hat as a consultant.

I ran as the Libertarian Party candidate for United States Congress in Virginia’s 6th Congressional District for the November 2010 election. I lost the election but managed to bring in over 9% of the vote as a first-time candidate on a shoestring budget and little to no media coverage. I ran on a platform of tax reform, smaller government, and more freedom and liberty.

I joined the Republican Party in 2012 to help promote the cause of liberty and support Congressman Morgan Griffith‘s re-election campaign. I currently serve as a vice-chair for the Salem, Virginia Republican Committee and work with libertarian-minded individuals in other Republican organizations in the Roanoke Valley and beyond to promote the ideals of liberty and freedom.