Someone created a fake Facebook account and made it look like one of existing friends. I received a friend request and accepted it thinking perhaps she had lost access to her other account or was wanting to set up a separate account for business. It wasn’t too long before the new account started arising suspicion. Sure enough, I knew for certain it was a fake account as soon as the person operating the new account tried to fire up a chat session with me. Naturally, I decided to mess with him/her. Here’s the transcript:

Them: Hi Stuart
Me: Hello
Them: How have you been?
Me: Very well, thank you. Yourself?
Them: Doing pretty good. Ive been trying to reach you lately cause i have a great news to share with you and im not sure if youve heard about the recent good news yet?
Me: What good news is that?
Them: Are you aware of any Agent Williams Stephanie,hes a Federal Agent that holds the new Federal Govt empowerment program??
Me: Don’t think I have heard of that agent
Them: Im so happy about the help i got from this new program recently and not sure if youve gotten yours too,cause i got $50,000 cash delivered to me at my doorstep……did they come down to your house?
Me: OH THAT person
Me: yes, they came to the house… I abducted them and have them tied up in my basement.

[around this time, either Facebook shut down the fake account or the person operating it blocked me]

Me: You have access to the forest. Can you help me hide the body?

Failed to send