Towards the Battle

Over the course of the past year and a half since the November 2010 election, I was somewhat absent from the political landscape. My absence was mostly due to personal obligations involving family, work, and other commitments. During this period, I maintained as watchful an eye as I could on the overall direction and climate of the political landscape. I attempted to keep up with current events in local, state, and national politics; but my time and availability limited my ability to be involved and engaged in related activities. I watched as many battles for liberty were fought at local, state, and federal levels. Some were won, and some were lost. Celebrate our victories, and learn from our losses; but do it quickly for there are more battles to be fought in this struggle. Our fight is no longer “like” war. It is war, albeit one fought with words and ballots instead of lethal weapons.

After prayerful consideration and discussion with my wife and family, we decided it is time to once again take up the cause. To that end, we will rejoin the fight alongside opponents of tyranny to defeat those who stand in stark opposition to freedom, liberty, and The Constitution. Marines are trained to run towards the battle, so count me in.

Game on.

Best regards,
— Stuart Bain