I would like to wish one and all a Happy New Year and I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. 2011 is shaping up to be quite a busy year. After a year of running around the district, I am taking the year off from politics to recover and recuperate. I will still be active, but for now I will mostly act behind the scenes. Case in point, as I am Master of my Masonic lodge this year, I will be unable to attend lobby day in Richmond this year. I was hoping to get completely caught up on a lot of things, but my wife and I are expecting another addition to our family this year. I’m sure that will take a little time (as well it should) I would have otherwise used towards other endeavors. As I looked at the drafts sitting in my blog as unpublished, I realized that I have a steady stream of content coming my way I can use to fill up the blog. Therefore, I am hereby announcing the Mailbag category. I get quite a few emails on a regular basis on a variety of topics from religion to politics. Most of them I get two, three, or umpteen times. I realized that even the ones telling me to forward to twenty people never get forwarded. I don’t like forwarding that sort of thing at all, so I am going to just start posting them here instead as mailbag posts, complete with attribution (as best I can). The first one should be up shortly.