Not-So-Enlightened Path to Coding Enlightenment

A friend of mine is finishing up a BSCS and looking to get into the tech industry. Ready to code? Here’s the list I sent him…

  • Pick a Linux distro (Fedora or Ubuntu). I would recommend Fedora if this is your first encounter with Linux.
  • Read How to Become a Hacker
  • Read The Art of Unix Programming
  • Master Vim – (
    • This is kind of a personal preference, as are all editors.
    • I recommend mastering vim because it is ubiquitous. You can run it on all of your workstations (Linux / Win) and you can usually depend on it being installed on just about every Linux server you SSH to.
    • Being able to use the same editor everywhere has its advantages.
  • Read Learn Python the Hard Way
  • Read Pro Git
  • Install Django, then run through the tutorial
  • Read Test Driven Development with Python
  • Next…. JavaScript stuffs
    • Learn JavaScript (don’t have a readily available book for this)
    • Learn Angular
    • Learn NodeJS
    • Learn Meteor
  • Along the way, you should pick up some knowledge about
    • Cryptography
    • web services and REST APIs
    • security
    • networking
    • Databases
      • Start with…
        • MySQL
        • PostgreSQL
        • MongoDB
      • Move up to
        • DynamoDB (Amazon’s AWS)
        • Hadoop
        • other NoSQL stuffs
        • Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server if you have to

The New and Improved GoDaddy Hosting Account

For my personal website and pet project web hosting needs, I have a GoDaddy account that I pay for. Here recently, the account was moved to new GoDaddy servers complete with SSH capability! The move wasn’t completely without problems. I had to manually update the DSN connection string for some of the databases my sites use (including this one) to get them backup and running. Regardless, I must say I’m somewhat impressed. I logged in via SSH to look around and was able to use Linux shell commands and vi to take care of some minor edits without problems. For a Linux person like me, this sort of ability is a HUGE timesaver. I am VERY happy with GoDaddy putting these sorts of abilities out there for people like me. If you’re looking for some cheap hosting for your personal or pet project website(s), click here. However, for businesses looking for secure, 100% uptime hosting, Blue Ridge Digital is the way to go.