Run Towards the Gunman

How many of you can honestly say that you would run TOWARDS a crazed lunatic with a gun? This video link was sent out to the VCDL mailing list recently. I’m sure that in the light of the recent shootings in Arizona, there will be a lot of gun control people saying we need to ban guns, ban this, ban that, etc. I’m just happy that there was a responsible citizen there, legally carrying a concealed weapon, willing to put his life in danger to defend others during the eight minutes it took for the authorities to arrive. Granted, things were under control by the time Mr. Zamudio arrived on the scene; but he was prepared in the event they weren’t.


Remember… even the U.S. Supreme Court rulings say that the police are not responsible for providing for the safety or defense of you and your family. That is your responsibility. The policeĀ are responsible for apprehending and arresting criminals.